Entrepreneurs Award


Announcement 2014

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Winning projects:

* Aisoy Robotics
Aisoy Robotics, Entrepreneurs Award 2013, was created with the aim of developing personal, autonomous robots capable of making decisions, with inbuilt emotional elements, able to feel emotion, making them more like human beings for integration into daily life. The robots take on the tasks normally carried out by people with the clear aim of freeing up time and making the day to day life of society easier.

* Heart Genetics
Heart Genetics, Runner Up of Entrepreneurs Award 2013, is an innovative method of genetic diagnosis, aimed at supporting clinical decisions, enabling doctors and medical professionals to make a more precise diagnosis in less time and stratify the risk. It involves computer development systems capable of not only improving clinical diagnosis but also the prognosis.

Other noteworthy projects:

* Cubenube
Cubenube is a research and development company that markets data and information services based on state-of-the-art technologies and information (Cloud Computing and BigData) to diverse business sectors. Cubenube proposes a cloud solution, bynse, with Big Data technology and sensorization (M2M dataloggers) to generate agroeconomic indicators to improve crop management and decision-making.

* Quolony
Quolony has developed a technology for simultaneous web browsing along with other collaborative functions, something like a social network where users can find and interact with one another.  It allows for collaborative navigation or cobrowsing between separate users working on group tasks simultaneously in environments such as e-commerce, e-learning, group work, gaming, etc.

* Braingaze
Braingaze has developed eye tracking software whose value added lies in the fact that it tracks the information that the observer actually perceives rather than just his or her gaze, which drastically increases the real value of visual tracking maps. They have a pending patent application on the discovery of the power of prediction of visual attention related to eye movements. 

* AeFacts
AeFacts proposes the design, development, implementation and marketing of aerodynamic products for heavy vehicles used for merchandise transport which results in a considerable reduction in the use of fuel and hazardous gas emissions, which in turn translates into a lower end price of the goods being transported as well as enhanced  environmental protection.