everis Awards recognize the best entrepreneurial project through national calls in Europe and Latin America that compete in the international Grand Finale of the everis award for entrepreneurship.
Projects that are in a prototyping phase, based on technological innovation with high social impact, could participate in three categories: Industrial Technologies; New business models in the Digital Economy; Biotechnology and Health.

The winners of the national everis Awards will compete, for an additional amount of € 60,000, in the international final of the everis Award with the winners from different countries in Latin America and Europe.
This Grand finale is celebrated during some days dedicated to promoting the national and international entrepreneurship


These Awards are governed by specific bases depending on each country. We invite you to visit its website, where you can know the details of each call.


New Business Models in the Digital Economy

Projects based on high impact digital business models that take advantage of the opportunities offered by new technologies.


Projects based on high-impact technological innovation applied to the development of products or services in areas such as tourism, industry, banking, insurance, telecommunications, logistics, distribution, energy, infrastructure or general consumption.


Projects based on the application of biotechnology and life sciences in general, to the development of drugs, new therapies or food production. Also considered are those projects that incorporate technological or computer developments in the form of medical devices or eHealth solutions