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Six startups enter the international final of the everis Awards 2018


The award, granted by the everis Foundation, recognizes entrepreneurial talent at an international level with €60,000 (non-refundable) and specialized consulting services.

The 17th edition of the everis Awards to entrepreneurship already has its finalists. More than 60 national and international startups from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, USA, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Uganda, among others, have presented their projects in Madrid and Barcelona before a jury of experts, in charge of selecting two finalists for each category of the Award: Industrial Technologies, New Business Models in the Digital Economy and Biotechnology and Health.

More than 1,000 projects from more than 20 countries have been submitted to this edition. In addition, the local winners of the everis Awards in Argentina, Colombia, Italy, Mexico and Peru have directly passed to the semi-final phase of the global call, where they have enjoyed entrepreneurship seminars and interviews with everis partners in Madrid and Barcelona.

These are the 6 finalists of this edition:



Alén Space (Vigo, Spain). The Alén team has been working in the development of satellites for more than 10 years. The experience they have gained guarantees innovative technology and know-how for the serial production of satellites. Alén Space can also provide its own technologies (software, subsystems...) according to the needs of each constellation. More info here. 

VEnvirotech Biotechnology (Barcelona, Spain). Startup specializing in the transformation of organic waste –from waste generating companies– in PHA bioplastics, which are rapidly biodegradable in the environment and compatible with the human body. More info here. 



FOXID (Madrid, Spain). A company dedicated to the protection of National and Economic Security that fights document fraud with a 99.9% reliability rate. It is a highly accurate solution worldwide thanks to a software that automatically verifies identity documents, and to a group of experts in more than 150 countries who offer qualitative knowledge to ensure both assisted and expert validation. More info here. 

NAVILENS (Murcia, Spain). New digital signage system that can be universally applied and is based on the creation of a new BIDI color code with special impact on visually impaired people, allowing them to be guided with total autonomy in unknown spaces without requiring help from third parties. More info here.  



Echophone (Madrid, Spain). High-performance pocket ultrasound machine specially designed for emergencies and primary care. Thanks to the patented technology of Somax Systems an extremely versatile, wireless, autonomous, sterilizable and easy to use device is possible. This device is able to operate with any mobile platform (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and from any place, both inside and outside the hospital environment, thus taking the highest technology of image diagnosis to the point where it is really needed.

MJN Neuroserveis (Girona, Spain). Development of the SERAS medical device, a wearable earpiece capable of recording the electrical activity of the brain and performing a continuous electroencephalogram outside the hospital environment. Thanks to this development, MJN aims to provide health solutions to different pathologies that have their origin in brain activity: epilepsy, sleep disorders (apnea or nervous leg syndrome), stroke, schizophrenia, etc.

Over the next three months, the finalists will receive consulting services valued at 10,000 euros by i-deals, a company of the everis Group specializing in technological entrepreneurship.

At the end of this mentoring, the finalists will compete before a jury of experts in these categories, who will select the winner of the 17th edition of the everis Awards, endowed with non‑refundable €60,000 and additional consulting services.



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