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6 proyectos finalistas en el IV Premio Empreenda Saude de Brasil

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6 finalist projects at the Brazil Empreenda Saude Awards 2018

The everis foundation and the Syrian Lebanese Hospital have announced the 6 finalist projects of the fourth edition of the Prêmio Empreenda Saúde, an initiative that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation in Brazil through technological projects that contribute to the improvement of management practices, processes, technologies and methods in the health sector.

These are the finalist projects of this edition:

Category: Patient-Focused Solutions 

  • Kit Livre. Motorized equipment that transforms a wheelchair into an electric motor driven tricycle, thus easing the movement of tetraplegic persons or people with impaired mobility in damaged sidewalks, sandy soils, etc.
  • TNH Health. Brazilian startup that uses chatbots and artificial intelligence to involve, educate and monitor the health of thousands of patients through discussions with bots. These bots interact with the patient via SMS, Facebook, Google RCS and apps and are intended to back up chronic patients (with diabetes and hypertension), pregnant and postpartum women, and patients who seek to enjoy a higher quality of life (quitting smoking, losing weight, and having healthier habits).

Category: Solutions to Improve Hospital Quality or Efficiency

  • Plataforma multidisciplinar 3D. Educative tool able to bring the reality of hospitals into classrooms. This system allows for the reconstruction of the body of real patients into 3D images from CT scans and MRIs, also using the best anatomical atlases available on the market.
  • Detección de prescripciones fuera del patrón. Artificial intelligence algorithm able to detect prescriptions out of the standard in hospital environments. 

Category: Health Network Impact Solutions  

  • Salvus ATAS. Improvement of patient safety, increased efficiency and better monitoring in the management of oxygen therapy. This automated system warrants an almost complete reduction of waste due to misuse, improper use or loss, and increases treatment safety and quality for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a silent disease that affects around 384 million people around the globe and accounts for the death of over 3 million people every year.
  • Tratamiento farmacológico no invasivo para retinopatía diabética. New nanotechnology-based formulation for the non-invasive treatment (eyewash) of diabetic retinopathy. At present, the therapeutic options for the treatment of this eye condition are invasive, expensive, risky and with a reserved visual prognosis. The diabetic retinopathy is currently the major cause of irreversible blindness in diabetic persons in their working ages.

The six finalists will present their projects in the upcoming Healthcare Innovation Show (HIS), on the 20th of September in São Paulo Expo. The winner will be announced in November and will be awarded a prize equivalent to R $ 50 000 reais, together with professional consulting services provided by everis in order to launch their idea on the Brazilian market. The selection of the winner will be entrusted to an evaluation commission and a jury consisting of renowned members of different areas, including education, research and innovation, and entrepreneurs from the most diverse health fields in the country.


Sunday 19 April 2020
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Sunday 31 May 2020
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Monday 31 August 2020
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Fri, 06/12/2020 - 08:42
The jury recognised the project for its street cleaning system which, through artificial intelligence and machine learning, detects, classifies and collects rubbish from the streets.

The jury recognised the project for its street cleaning system which, through artificial intelligence and machine learning, detects, classifies and collects rubbish from the streets.