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everis foundation takes part into Buenos Aires, Buenas Ideas, Meeting organized by COTEC in Argentina

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everis foundation has supported Argentinians entrepreneurs meeting promoted by COTEC foundation, under the name Buenos Aires , Buenas Ideas, which encourage entrepreneurial activity of different entrepreneurship corporative programs. In this connection, everis foundation has been presented by the winners of past everis Award editions

 The convention has counted with the presence of Spanish King Felipe VI, in state visit to Argentina, representing to the foundation as supporter to the talent, innovation and entrepreneurship, has been present Teodoro Lopez Palacios,Global Client Executive at everis & NTT Data.

The aim of this event is to bring together Argentinian entrepreneurs who are beneficiaries of these support with the main players in the entrepreneurial field, to foment experience exchange and to build bridges between the innovative ecosystem of Spanish and Argentinian entrepreneurship

Guest speakers included Jorge Barrero, Managing Director at COTEC foundation Managing Director, Ruben Salim Brovia, everis Award 2016 Winner, Pamela Scheurer, Wayra professional team member, José María Álvarez-Pallete, Chief Executive at Telefónica and Vice-president at COTEC foundation for innovation and the King Felipe VI


Tuesday 24 September 2019
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