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NTT DATA awards everis Foundation for its project TECH4CHANGE against school dropout


Through technological projects, this initiative supports students at risk of school dropout.

The global provider of IT solutions, NTT DATA, specialized in systems integration, has chosen ‘Tech4Change School’, promoted by everis Foundation, as one of the projects that most contribute to the expansion of a business and the improvement of a brand. This initiative, promoted by United Way and developed by Creática Association –which specializes in promoting inclusion in equality through technology– has been developed with students that took part in Learning and Performance Improvement Programs (PMAR) from the Marqués de Suances Institute in Madrid.

‘Tech4Change has strengthened my self-confidence. I used to think I would not be able to develop any technological project, and now I have developed a robot with my partners, working as a team. And now I think… Well, indeed I could do it’ says Leyre, one of the young participants.

In fact, students who participated in Tech4Change School identify the needs of their environment and then develop technology-based solutions. The starting point of this project is the achievement and diffusion of the UN Millennium Development Goals; this initiative is part of the activities of the technology department of the school, in line with academic contents, adding skills and knowledge to the usual curriculum, and focusing on the promotion of STEM skills (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics) among girls.

‘Through everis talent we reinforce the talent of these students. Through entrepreneurship we help them discover that we can all be social entrepreneurs. And through innovation, we transmit to these students a different way of thinking, and make them realize that things can be done differently’, says Karla Alarcón, Director of everis Foundation.

For its part, the Creática team, a reference and guide during all the sessions, has focused its efforts on students finding a vocation and approaching technology in a friendly way, where error is considered part of the learning process and not a failure. The project included training sessions to teachers of the school and to volunteers, as well as a Project Fair where all teams presented their proposals at the end of the course.

Tech4Change School has worked with students aged 13 to 15 years [Secondary Education] to create a small electrical car to implement this new technology stemming from the learning of robotics in the technology classroom. The vehicle was created thanks to 3D printing and could be operated using a mobile APP.

Besides, students aged 13-14 years had to create and program an Escornabot, a robot able to perform different programming games, designed on an Arduino board with free software and hardware, which makes robotics more accessible to kids.



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