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The project Deep Agro wins the everis Award Argentina 2019

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The winner will take part in the international final of the everis Awards competing for an additional prize of € 60,000 to finance the project

The Jury of the everis Award Argentina 2019 has selected the national winning project that will compete in the international final of the 18th edition of the everis Award. This contest, promoted by everis Foundation, aims at fostering innovation, talent and entrepreneurial spirit in the country, looking for projects that generate positive change in society.

In this edition, eight finalist projects were selected: Entelai, Zippin, CAECUSLab, KnowEat, Uali, DAPI, Franco Sakkal and Deep Agro, the latter being the winning project, represented by Juan Manuel Baruffaldi.

Deep Agro's goal is to find ways to control weeds by minimizing the use of agrochemicals. To achieve this, the team developed a weed recognition software based on artificial intelligence, which allows each plant in the lot to be analyzed and herbicides to be applied directly to the weeds. The process consists of intervening any type and brand of spraying machine with high-resolution cameras and then processing these images with software based on artificial intelligence and Deep Learning techniques. This makes it possible to determine the exact location of each weed, decreasing up to 70% of the agrochemicals used.

The Argentinean winner gets advice from ideals, an everis Group company specialized in technological entrepreneurship, to improve aspects of their project, and a pass to the international competition. This year the final will be held in Madrid, Spain, the last week of November 2019, where the Argentinian project will compete with 9 winners from Europe and Latin America for € 60,000 to develop and launch their project, along with the support of a large multinational such as everis.

‘Year after year we try to make a contribution to the growth of entrepreneurship in the region through the development of entrepreneurial human capital. We want to give confidence to talents that seek to generate a positive impact on society, and this is best achieved with an award that allows them to finance their project’, says Pablo Pereira, CEO of everis Argentina.            

Participation in the Open Innovation Contest of NTT DATA

Once again this year, everis Foundation offers semifinalist projects the possibility of participating in the Open Innovation Contest, an initiative of NTT DATA, the Japanese subsidiary to which everis belongs. 





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