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A Spanish device for the reconstruction of cruciate ligaments, international winner of the everis Award 2019


The award consists of 60,000 euros in cash and a mentoring program offered by everis professionals and other professionals in the field.

everis Foundation has held the delivery ceremony for the Global everis Awards 2019 which recognize innovation and technological entrepreneurship and were attended by the winners of the national edition of the Award in 10 countries across Europa and Latin America.

Juan Abascal, from the Spanish edition, has been the winning entrepreneur with their project WasherCapTMa non-invasive device for the reconstruction of knee cruciate ligaments. The project competed with other initiatives such as a brain device to recover mobility in the hands after a stroke; an intelligent coating to prevent the collapse of buildings during an earthquake; or a system to eliminate water pathogens without using chemical processes.

Juan Abascal, winner of the everis Award Spain 2019 awarded with 30,000 euros, will also receive 60,000 euros as international winner, as well as mentoring services provided by a team of specialists from the everis Group.

The ceremony of the everis Award 2019 took place in Casino de Madrid and was attended by David Rowan, founder and editor of the magazine Wired UK, and Silvina Moschini, entrepreneur who works for women empowerment through technology, one of the main objectives of the work developed by everis Foundation.

The event also counted with the presence of the President of everis Foundation at global level, Noemí Sanín. Her entrepreneurial profile, international vision and links with the academic world fit perfectly with the philosophy of innovation, business drive and commitment to talent that emerge from the values that govern the everis Foundation. Lawyer and socio-economist, she was president of the Colombian Financial Corporation and the first woman in America to preside over a financial entity.

Talent Week

During the last week of November, everis foundation developed conferences aimed at supporting these entrepreneurs who develop scalable and sustainable projects based on technological innovation, able to leave a transformative imprint on society.

Always following the main objective of fostering talent and stimulating people who dare to undertake, the Foundation has dedicated the month of November to offer help to develop their projects from all points of view:

  • Strategic sessions such as a seminar with i-deals in which the finalists together with 60 everis professionals have worked specifically on each of the finalist projects. Other initiative was a colloquium with Cabify as the "first Spanish unicorn".
  •  Legal advice by the law firm Elzaburu, a leader in trademark and patent law who have been able to hold face-to-face meetings with the diplomatic delegations of their respective countries to explore possibilities for international expansion.
  •  Financial advice to know relevant entities with financing funds according to the areas of interest of the projects, in order to promote such projects and train the winners with solutions that help to implement these innovative proposals.


Sunday 19 April 2020
Closing call - Social intrapreneurship Award
Sunday 31 May 2020
Closing call - Spanish everis Award
Monday 31 August 2020
Closing call BlockchAngel Challeng

Last News

Fri, 07/03/2020 - 12:08
everis foundation expands its Púlsar Program in Brazil through a partnership with Educafro

The program, which promotes the inclusion of girls through the mentorship of female leaders in various spheres of society, will now benefit, in addition to kids from public schools, those associated to the social institution. Furthermore, all training and mentoring meetings will take place digitally.

Thu, 07/02/2020 - 13:06
everis foundation organizes the first free digital camp to bring technology closer to children and young people

How to fly a drone, how to design an app or how to create your own video game will be some of the topics that will be worked on with the children from July 7 to 16.

Mon, 06/22/2020 - 16:36
everis foundation, Distrito Digital and APSA Association organize technology workshops to reduce the digital gap in children with autism

This activity will take place online on June 26th, at 16:00, with the help of volunteer trainers from the Foundation.

Fri, 06/12/2020 - 08:42
The jury recognised the project for its street cleaning system which, through artificial intelligence and machine learning, detects, classifies and collects rubbish from the streets.

The jury recognised the project for its street cleaning system which, through artificial intelligence and machine learning, detects, classifies and collects rubbish from the streets.