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everis foundation and GDG of Santiago de Compostela organize technology workshops to reduce the digital divide in children and young people

everis foundation and GDG of Santiago de Compostela organize technology workshops to reduce the digital divide in children and young people

With these workshops, designed and taught by everis foundation, computer thinking and digital skills are promoted, and programming is approached, in a fun way, mainly to children, young people and trainers.

everis foundation and Google Developer Group from Santiago de Compostela have joined forces to develop and deliver a virtual technology and programming workshop for 9 and 10 year old children. With this initiative, both entities aim to contribute to the reduction of the technological gap in the autonomous community of Galicia. The spirit of this action is to facilitate the transformation of talent into valuable proposals for society, as well as to eliminate the social, geographical and economic barriers that hinder its development.

In this first initiative, a total of 10 children between the ages of 9 and 10 have participated in the online workshop from their homes attended by volunteers from the everis foundation.  

everis foundation, in its commitment to promote digital and transversal competences of computer thinking from an early age, and to bring young people closer to the world of technology, has made these workshops scalable by turning them into a free online course so that any trainer, teacher, educator, parent, even any child, anywhere, can follow the steps. It is designed in a playful way, with teachings, tricks and challenges to make the learning process fun and effective. It can be found online as a playlist on its YouTube channel.


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