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An algorithm for early detection of Covid-19 in remote areas wins 2020 global everis award

An algorithm for early detection of Covid-19 in remote areas wins 2020 global everis award

In its decision, the jury has valued both the technological innovation of Arkangel AI, and its enormous impact on health and care in areas where access to medical care and health prevention is scarce.

The Arkangel AI project, an artificial intelligence algorithm for early detection of diseases such as COVID-19 or malaria in remote areas, has been awarded the 2020 Global everis Award, which has been given by the everis foundation for 19 years. The project of the Colombian team, led by Laura Velasquez, offers results that are faster, more scalable, more cost-effective and much more accurate than other systems.

The selection of the winning project concludes the nineteenth edition of this award to which more than 2,200 international proposals have been presented in their respective national competitions in Europe and Latin America, and which address technological fields related to industry, biotechnology and health and new business models in the digital economy.  

Specifically, the Arkangel AI project is a computer algorithm that uses nets to detect malaria or COVID-19 in blood samples from microscopes. For its operation it is necessary to take a blood sample that is placed in the microscope for Arkangel AI to segment and detect the number of cells infected with the virus. So far Arkangel AI has visualized 40,000 cells and has been proven to be 97% effective. 

In its decision, the Jury, chaired by Noemi Sanin, president of the everis foundation, and composed of a multidisciplinary team of fourteen references from the world of science, research and entrepreneurship, has valued both the technological innovation of Arkangel AI and its enormous social, health and welfare impact in particularly vulnerable areas with difficult access to traditional health systems. 

Arkangel AI

"The problem -explains Laura Velasquez, President and founder of Arkangel AI- is that today 56% of the world's population dies from diseases that we know how to cure, but we simply don't prevent or detect them in time". Most viral diseases, such as malaria, affect the world's most vulnerable populations, where there is enormous inequality in the essential right to health. 

Thanks to a new artificial intelligence algorithm, the system adapts to any rural or urban area, in a fast, precise and scalable way, adapting itself to the working methods of each institution without interrupting any of the existing processes.

The final, held on November 25 in virtual format, was attended by John Etchemendy, Rector of Stanford University (2000-2017) and creator and director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of this University. Etchemendy is one of the most recognized and authoritative international voices in human-centered artificial intelligence and has been the keynote speaker at the event.

Ten finalists

  • Argentina: Mindcotine. Technology that helps change addictive behaviors through digital therapy solutions combining virtual reality, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.
  • Bélgica: Shayp. Service that reduces water consumption by 20% in cities by using water meters and collecting consumption data in real time.
  • Brasil: Cor.Sync. Device for the diagnosis of heart attacks in hospital emergencies that offers accurate results in less than 10 minutes.
  • Chile: EcoFuels. Portable and scalable equipment that processes plastic waste and transforms it into diesel-type fuel, mitigating the environmental impact of plastic on both soil and water.
  • Colombia: Arkangel AI. Algorithm for early detection of diseases such as malaria or COVID-19 that generates fast, scalable, cost-effective and highly accurate results.
  • España: Idoven. System to detect heart problems and prevent diseases such as heart attacks or sudden death.
  • Holanda: Goal 3. Patient monitoring system to train physicians with durable, easy-to-understand medical technology where it is most needed.
  • Italia: Photonpath. Design, manufacture and marketing of photonic integrated circuits that increase the capacity, interoperability and programmability of optical networks.
  • Perú: Autoresponder. App that unlocks AI for the benefit of entrepreneurs around the world by allowing them to automate their sales.
  • Portugal: Ophiomics. Medical device that allows evaluating the level and success of a liver transplant in patients with liver cancer.

Jury members
The jury was formed by Ángel Santos, founding partner of Cross Road; Antonio Iglesias, director of Endeavor Spain; Carlos Medeiros, investment director of Softbank; Concepción Galdón, director of Social Innovation at IE; David Pereira, head of Data & Intelligence at everis Europe; Fernando Marco, head of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma at H.C. San Carlos; Fernando Panizo, international business consultant; Jorge Reynolds, engineer creator of the pacemaker; Miguel Ángel Alario, professor emeritus at UCM and former president of RACE; Miguel Arias, global director of Entrepreneurship at Telefónica; Mónica Sala, Director of Network and Systems at Orange Spain; Noah Leshan; Investor at Pegasus Tech Ventures; Rubén Blanco, responsible for Telecom and Media at everis Europe; and Stephan Morais, Founder and Managing General Partner at Indico Capital Partners.


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An algorithm for early detection of Covid-19 in remote areas wins 2020 global everis award

In its decision, the jury has valued both the technological innovation of Arkangel AI, and its enormous impact on health and care in areas where access to medical care and health prevention is scarce.

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