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The everis foundation launches its “Púlsar Program” second edition for teenagers in Brazil


In the program each mentor directs and guides the development of the adolescent, creating a commitment between the two people, by sharing experiences and insights that will contribute to the personal and professional growth of both the mentor and mentee.

The everis foundation continues the expansion of its “Púlsar Program” in Brazil, an initiative that connects young girls, between 15 and 18, to a network of women that stand out in different fields to develop their potential, achieve their professional aspirations, focusing on their talent (by discovering and strengthening it), and carry on with their training.

Brazil is the first Latin-American country which launches the Program, followed by Peru, which launches the initiative this year for the first time. The decision to start the expansion of the Program in Brazil is due to the high levels of gender gap and the determination of the Brazilian women. They are very keen and they work actively on it, so it becomes the perfect place to take the Púlsar Program.

During the program, which will last six months, the girls in collaboration with their mentors, work on competences and in each session they work on a specific challenge that guides the overall program plan, such as personal and social leadership skills, brainstorming and selection of ideas, autonomy and personal initiative, communication skills, assumption and risk assessment and work organization. 

The group of women who take part in the Program as mentors come from different areas: education, business, the arts, sciences, etc... They are aware of the importance of reducing the social gender gapas a driver of economic and social development in our society. The aim is to continue promoting the economic and social development of our society thanks to women who want to inspire girls through their own experiences.

This year, as a novelty, the everis foundation team in Brazil has gone to the public school to give inspirational talks to the students (both boys and girls),  explaining the motivation of the Program and its importance in today's society. During this day, 32 girls applied to participate, of which 12 were selected to participate in this second edition.


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