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Will you help us to reduce the digital gap in kids and teenagers?

Will you help us to reduce the digital gap in kids and teenagers?

Right now, 826 million children are being left behind.
The digital divide, which reduces the chances of well-being, continues to widen.

And you, from home, can prevent it. 

Big changes are made up of small, constant, one-off actions. That is why everis foundation wants to invite you to a completely free training so you can be part of that change. And how?

We want to offer you the necessary training so you can give your beneficiaries Play and Make it! workshops, an initiative to develop digital skills in children and provide them with tools that will give them more and better opportunities in their lives.

What will you learn in this training?

Essential concepts to approach and bring children closer to technology, as producers and not only as consumers. You do not need to have previous knowledge of programming, nor be a programmer, engineer or mathematician.

With this training you will be able to acquire and transmit logical thinking skills and practical tools such as "Scratch": an easy, intuitive and very fun language with which they will learn by playing that anything they imagine, from the hand of technology, they can achieve. 

You will be prepared to structure and teach your own online workshop and you will learn about all the resources we have available: volunteers from the everis team will help you in your first steps; we will support you in the organization of your first workshop, and you will have at your disposal an online course with all the information you need to learn about computer thinking, digital skills, Scratch and much more! 

What do you need for this session?

A computer and Internet connection. But without a doubt the most important thing is to have a lot of desire, commitment and vocation to help all children stay close to technology.

You will always be supported by the everis foundation team and its volunteers.

When will the training take place? Friday June 19th, from 4pm to 5:30pm

Where? We will connect via Teams (we will send you the connection link once you have registered)


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